John Fleming DVM

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     I could write a chapter on the pros and cons of preanesthetic testing. For some years in the past I required preanesthetic testing. Then for some years we made all testing optional, then later we required it, so on and so on. One would go to a CE meeting and get convinced it was all one way or another and then come back to clinic and change the protocol. Six months later we'd hear more "experts" and change our protocol again!  At this point in time Prairie State makes preanesthetic testing optional. We do highly recommend that some level of basic blood testing (looking at kidney function) be performed, especially in older pets. The cost for blood testing is reasonable. Two other tests that we offer (at a low cost) are an EKG and a chest radiograph. In our experience about 75% of clients have the basic bloodwork performed, about 15% choose an EKG and another 10 - 15% choose to include a chest X-Ray. When this old guy had surgery at the local hospital a couple of years ago all they did on me was a blood test and an EKG. I thought they would do tons more, but nope. We do our bloodwork in house so any of these test can be done the day of surgery.